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Our dedicated teamwork model provides excellent software development services. By taking advantage of our transparency in all processes, ongoing R&D and resource scalability, and complete HR processes, we can bring success to your project.

Adjust the size of the team to adapt to changing needs and other needs. We provide experts with the professional skills needed for specific tasks. This flexible approach makes the software development process more clear and user-friendly, and ensures better resource efficiency.

The smart and most economical way to acquire a high-performing development team in the quickest timeframe.

Advantages of Using Dedicated Teams

By hiring JAVA developers from DevCircle_UK will give you the high-end technology of JAVA development services which can satisfy all your programming requirements. Our highly skilled developers have huge knowledge of AngularJS. With our passionate JAVA team who are specialized in a wide range of various industry verticals can serve the all kind of startups and enterprises solution.

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Understanding of Your Organization

A professional team has been specially selected to meet your needs. Our business model relies on building long-term relationships. Our dedicated team can focus on your specific situation, allowing us to quickly understand your business operations and needs. Therefore, we can provide lasting value and results in both technology and business investment returns.

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Team Formation

Our team is fast and flexible. Our team is distributed in various projects with constantly changing needs, which allows many employees to be transferred at any time. We keep a list of potential new talents among our employees, so when you need new team members, we can provide new candidates within a few weeks.

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Prescreened Resources

We don't want to waste your time appointing inappropriate team members, so we will conduct business, technical and team adaptability pre-screening for all potential team candidates, and always put your needs first.

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Dedicated Manager

We will assign a UK based dedicated team manager. The appointee works with you to ensure that you have a team with the skills that suit your needs. We will find and resolve team issues early so that we can respond quickly and make changes.

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Cost Effective

A dedicated team contract usually starts with a six-month agreement. After the initial stage, we will review the project regularly and recommend adjustments to the team structure or size when necessary. Our regular assessments allow us to plan team changes to anticipate your future needs. The effective management of our team can increase the utilization rate, which can be reflected in the lower price.

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Long-Term Relationship

We have a long history of successfully establishing long-term and long-term cooperative relationships with global customers. Our professional Indian development team is good at building lasting relationships, allowing us to collaborate effectively.

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NDA / Agreements

We conduct background checks on each employee to ensure the safety of the work process. Every employee must sign an agreement to ensure that your business activities, trade secrets and intellectual property rights remain confidential, safe and secure.

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Knowledge Tranfer/Training

We hire employees with rich technical experience so that you can gain the advantage of various knowledge in the project. We found that sharing knowledge between teams is very important for personal and organizational development, and we organize knowledge sharing activities for employees every month.

Our Business Value uses consulting strategies to master your company’s top tasks, its market position, and the basic details of product success. We combine the best and latest mobile and web technologies with our rich software development experience to add more value to your business. We put your success first, and the focus is on maintaining a sound human resource process and frequent and honest communication. We will equip your professional team with skilled personnel to meet your needs, and we will train them to achieve your goals. We put your established goals at the forefront of the process, and we choose a dedicated team that can most effectively meet your needs.

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We have established candid relationships with our customers and strive to maintain transparency throughout our business processes. You can check the total cost, workflow and resources of the dedicated team to date. We provide you with a phone number and all relevant information in order to make the best management decision.

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Mobile software and website development is creative work. Success requires innovation and the ability to make complex concepts easy. Our R&D program enables us to provide multiple solutions to problems and provide you with suggestions to help you make the best business choices for mobile products or network products.

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HR Process

A dedicated team structure can bring benefits to businesses of all types and sizes. Our complete human resources process enables us to provide you with such advantages.

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Search and Hire Employees
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New staff adaptation phase
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Evaluate Company employees
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Employee training and professional development
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Employee motivation and retention
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Solid employer imaging

Our dedicated team model always prioritizes meeting customer needs and project requirements. We understand your business model and market. Therefore, we will move towards mutual success. We hold IT meetups for talented web and mobile application developers, work with universities, hire local headhunters, and accelerate the latest expectations of testers, web and mobile experts.

When we search for new dedicated team candidates, we also review our talented testers, web and mobile app developers’ resume databases, and search external resources. At present, we will prioritize candidates' long-term professional needs to ensure that they meet the needs and expectations of customers. During the adaptation phase, we do our best to help new employees feel relaxed in our space. We appoint a mentor for all new employees to familiarize him/her with our mission, values, culture and traditions.